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Chris Paul once insurance companies "state farm" advertising to create a named "cliff Paul" image. The black rimmed spectacles and moustache collocation rhombohedrons case grain sweater classic image already strikes root in the hearts of the people. Overwhelmed NIKEID countered rhombohedrons case grain sweater for inspiration, add lozenge theme in NIKEID options, like a friend may wish to NIKEID try under the. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send. source: nikeThe importance of shoes in LOL believe that is self-evident, and which of the hero incarnation sneakerhead after all what shoes to wear it? Following the Zhou Hanbing striker, Rangers and other five heroes, this time to bring us a steam robot, an ominous blade and other popular characters on the feet of lenovo. acknowledge britz is a relatively happy hero, across the hero again and again "God movement", but also the achievements of his time and time again "hook God"; although 99% of the time, the Brits are will debut as the auxiliary identity, but he Q hit level can play a decisive role in team battles the success or failure of, the same is hit rate by eating, perhaps the regular new jordans shoes for sale season MVP, super shooter Stephen & middot; library signature shoe curry of britz Q can have no small addition. Jordan is hollow practice maybe one of heroes of the hero maybe Catalina is not the hand speed, but with the passive in kills winning the key moment, is the hand speed to play to the extreme, that moment even kill pleasure to believe a lot of players have experience; the same, maybe you will think of 2013 finals sixth field at the last moment, the heat was lucky to get the offensive rebounds, Tony & middot; Parker just slow down so 0.1 seconds, the third hand speed to the extreme ray & middot; Allen already hand up knife to fall, the ball into the net, thrilling, but the results are expected, while Allen feet, it is the year of AJ, air XX 8. LOL, there is no lack of a hero of the ultra long displacement skills, card master, biochemical magic... But if you want to bounce to maximize the hero, it probably would not pansion is none other than the, count half a map skills distance covered is more exaggerated, and perhaps also only 2000 Vince & middot; Carter in the Sydney Olympics leap French midfielder Weiss of the "death of the buckle comparable with, this moment is undoubtedly holding red when shox series of shox bb4. from the technical state Peart Wolf Jess a dazzling the inventor identity, multifunctional deformable hammer of cheap foamposites for sale mercury was proud of him, to single handedly destroy is Victor's deadly weapons, Jess is regarded as leather city leading to the hope of the future; the same is top creative invention of the shoes FoamPosite one might is Jess is a good choice, appeared in the 1990s of the shoes, the innovative materials Posite, and very futuristic styling, in nearly 20 years later, today still prevails. /〉〈brget reload battle, the major application market search get download the latest version, detailed consultation WeChat dunkhome, getdunkhome, micro-blog, when the guest, 〈/brgetappAdi Dassler, the founder of Adidas, is an outdoor running enthusiast. It is because of his preference for this sport that since 60s of last century, Adidas began to make special shoes for the special sport of marathon. Durable shoes for the purpose of "cushioning and comfort", and the extended outsole heel for enhancing the "stability", and the vamp to enhance the "heat dissipation" constitute the tradition of Adidas Marathon series running shoes. in order to enable marathon runners to wear more choices on running shoes, in 1978, Adidas launched a pair of Marathon Trainer running shoes which are more suitable for rough and harsh pavement on the basis of the original marathon running shoes. Marathon TR 10 inherited the essence of the design of Marathon jordans for sale Trainer in 1978, including the outline and the overall design details, and then reassembled the material of the shoe sole and the latest running technology. In the end, Marathon TR 10 with Adidas of the new generation of Formotion technology, but in the bottom, Marathon TR 10 is more emphasis on grip, the 1978 Marathon Trainer outsole high friction broken nails design has been inherited, and the use of high wear-resistant rubber eraser adiWear, fully ensure durability in marathon sports shoes; shoe, Marathon TR 10 with a solid matte leather and nylon mesh material, to ensure the protective effect of the foot in complex outdoor environment. in the spring of 2012, Adidas launched Marathon TR 10 new color, bright bright and dark collocation to calm this pair of running shoes is more visible and more fun for a special challenge all-weather mountain running. Adidas Marathon 10 new color matching will be on the market in January 2012, which is recommended for RMB 820 yuan. (responsible editor: Locke)playing basketball prone to "bones and joints" of the injury. It is the bones of young people who have not yet hardened when the knee is strongly stimulated, the most likely to produce knee edema. Preventive measures; do some of the knee motion is strongly stimulated by, such as full flexion exercise, rabbit jump, and so on. Don't make it too cheap air jordans excessive, and training to strengthen around the knee joint movement. muscle out of position exerts an acute muscle force (flexion and extension) on the muscle, causing a rupture of the muscle fibers or a part of the film of the muscle, which causes internal bleeding. Methods of prevention: before practice, the various parts of the muscle rub, triamcinolone, especially hard muscles of the players, in fits and starts of the season to pay special attention to. treatment methods are as follows: if it occurs in the leg, first of all to the knee fixed 2 to 3 days, can not be arbitrarily mobile, and water or ice cold. Wrap around the bandage, to prevent the expansion of internal bleeding, so after the disposal, and then a little heat insulation, while engaging in the activities of light. The characteristics of the treatment on the internal bleeding after stop. Although the body still feel stiff, also slightly active. ankle strain practice prior to the tape (plaster, bandage) wound ankle sprain prevention effect can be slightly according to the. But the most effective way to do this is to make an ankle ready to kick the ball and to strengthen the muscles. If the unfortunate sprain, first from the cold, in applying the appropriate pressure. When the cold is only available when the first ice water pressure pad with sponge, sponge from above with e cheap jordans for sale lastic bandage. finger prick is produced by a strong impact on your fingers. Prevention methods: to fully do a good job in the preparation of the finger movement. The finger cut according to the degree of injury, can be divided into five 1 2 3 dislocation, sprain, fracture, 4 tendon rupture, 5 trauma (skin.). If the sprain, the treatments with other parts of sprain, first cold, 2 ~ 3 days later, in the part of insulation massage at the same time. To be able to bear the pain and dislocation, let the medical staff will straighten the finger, restitution, disposal and then before the same method. As for the serious injury, cut finger fracture, the fracture tendon is no touch, speed is the best way to hospital treatment. feet pain foot movement; especially long practice jerky movements, to heel feel pain. This disease is also called heel bone disease, which is due to the foot, the heel bone between the skin and adipose tissue by numerous dramatic impact, and damage. The prevention methods: soft spongy cushion in the heel, or on the inner heel pad cotton, in this way, although be below the power, can also prevent subcutaneous tissue of the oppressed to lateral. treatment of heel pain is not easy to operate, only before the elimination of pain, as far as possible to avoid the heel by the strong impact, also practice a ball game to do after trea jordans on sale online tment, for example with a wet towel. So this problem if disregarded tends to become chronic disease, is difficult to treat, the best in the early symptoms of will be disposed of.Jordan brand in the will once again to bring us the new color of the air jordan 6 low, shoes before has been exposed spy, then we call it as "Seahawks" color, shoes by the white leather stitching honor blue suede, bottom and supplemented by details green ghost ink embellishment. 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Source: shoulee81Earlier desert camouflage JACK PURCELL paragraph appears impressive, but in fact this shoe there is another wonderful green camouflage color, which is well-known sports brand converse 2012 autumn and winter high series one, camouflage seems CONVERSE recent attempt is keen on one of the elements of last year's All Star & amp; Jack Purcell green camouflage series, this year with stussy cooperation and CX-PRO OX CONVERSE x mita sneakers ALL STAR shoes to be on sale. This double use of CONVERSE JACK PURCELL signs canvas material, plus "DUCK CAMO" element makes such JACK PURCELL do have some charm, perhaps usually a solid color leather or canvas JACK PURCELL many reasons. Can now be purchased through the shop UNDFTD Silverlake in Los Angeles. Source: freshnessmag & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;Adidas Tech Super sports players' Mint Toe "color shoes & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 2014-06-27 10:26:10 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: hypebeast] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network June 27 hearing, the well-known sports brand adidas has for its signature shoes Tech Super bring this "Mint Toe" color. As the name suggests, on its iconic shoes retro shoes outline, using a mint green suede toe portion constituted, supplemented by black heel focus and blue contrast, the last carrying a lightweight running shoe sole white rendering, caters very hot Summer casual atmosphere. (Media Partner: children shoes shoe image Marie) Related newsIn the late Qing Dynasty and the beginning of the Republic of China in photo gallery and bicycle photo of people photo: copyright: Chinese antique network exactly 120 years ago, namely in 1896, Shanghai Dianshizhai pictorial published a picture of lithographs, content is depicted riding a bicycle of foreign soldiers was a group of dog attacks. According to the attached text description, the German troops are training dogs to distinguish friendly (Germany, Austria) and the enemy (France, Italy, Russia, let dogs chasing bite the enemy, as a measure to protect allied bicycle troops. a few years later, the "Declaration" published an article entitled "bicycle will prevail" article. The authors claim that author, as the German historian Meijia Le (Barbara Mittler "a Chinese newspaper: outlined the power of news media in Shanghai, identity and change (1872~1912)") and "in the various modes of transportation, bicycle most is fast, convenient and the price affordable... As many bike travelers around the world show that riding a bicycle can reach any place and is beneficial to the health". all this shows that in late 1890s, Chinese bicycle of interest. And the background is China just in the Sino Japanese War (1894~1895) defeated, caused the major changes in the social and political, stick to the traditional value concept and system, suddenly let in to accept all kinds of new things open consciousness. "progress" "modern" free car a small bike, in the process of rapid transformation of modern China, the role of what? To understand this point, the need for more than a hundred years ago, the Chinese people's daily use of personal transport. 19 century China, is still in the "pedestrian society", most people walk on foot. For wealthy families, there are several alternative ways of walking. One is the chair, fourteenth Century has started in Chinese use; the other is a new invention from abroad -- a rickshaw. The one hand the bicycle, invented in Japan in late 1860s, and soon Chinese will be copied. In China and Japan, compared to a human, represents the great progress of techniques. It is not only faster, more convenient and more mobile, and more humane than the sedan chair. bicycle provides another alternative to walking. In the 19th century in the 1960s to the late 1970s, the Qing Dynasty sent to foreign diplomats and students see the first bicycle, they are also the earliest riding a bicycle or bicycle predecessor) of the Chinese people, of course, only a others try to do so. May be subject to published in 1873 Jules & middot; excitation of Verne's novel "80 days around the world", in the 19th century in the late 1980s and 1990s, several Western adventurers had cycled across China. This is in mainland China appears the earliest bicycle. in Chinese Westerners, especially Christian missionaries found that bicycle for.